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What is in It for Me? Identifiying Drivers of Blockchain Acceptance among German Consumers

Florian Knauer, Andreas Mann (2020). In Journal of the British Blockchain Association (JBBA), Vol. 3 (1).

DOI: 10.31585/jbba-3-1-(1)2020
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From a consumers’ perspective, Blockchain Technology (BCT) holds the potential to decrease transaction costs, improve privacyand redesign social interactions, which potentially leads to enhanced consumer power in transactional relationships. Nevertheless, only a few consumers use Blockchain-based applications consciously. By combining earlier research about BCT acceptance with different conceptualisations in the technology acceptance field (i.e. the Technology Acceptance Model and Rogers’ Diffusion Theory), a Blockchain-specific model to explain the usage intention has been developed and validated by conducting an online survey among 157 German consumers. While most of them have recognised the technology’s existence and confirmed its general relevance, many consumers do not know how to access and profit from BCT. Integrating the results of a Structural Equation Model and PairwiseComparisons between typical attributes of Blockchain-based applications, specific beliefs about BCT usage are found to have aremarkable impact on consumers’ acceptance. Based on the results, strategies to promote the acceptance of BCT among consumers are discussed from amarketer’s, developer’s and researcher’s point of view.

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