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Florian Knauer, M.Sc.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in conjunction with a commercial apprenticeship in the automotive industry, Florian Knauer decided to pursue a master’s degree in “Business Studies” at the University of Kassel. Thereby, his main focus was on marketing concepts and methods. At that time, he discovered his persisting passion for decentralized systems as well. Being part of the C2B-poject, he conducts behavioral research on the acceptance of DLT applications and their suitability for increasing the quality of information in the context of online purchases.


What do I get out of it? Acceptance of blockchain technology among German-speaking consumers by Florian Knauer

Young Professionals Workshop of the Scientific Commission International Management in the Association of University Teachers…

Discussion: Opportunities and risks of blockchain technology in practical use (track co-speaker) by Florian Knauer

Future Lab "New Technologies" (Bar Camp) of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Kassel-Marburg, Kassel,…


What is in It for Me? Identifiying Drivers of Blockchain Acceptance among German Consumers

Florian Knauer, Andreas Mann (2020). In Journal of the British Blockchain Association (JBBA), Vol. 3…

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